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Finding the right keywords can be a difficult task. Identifying the right opportunities is hard to get right. I research so that you don't have to.

I identify the right keywords for different stages of your customer's buying process. Helping you to get the best chance of generating business through your site. Along with this, you'll get a report on how to implement these keywords into your SEO strategy.

Is your site just a series of product pages with no longer-form engaging content? I can help you get up and running with a content marketing strategy that works.

From identifying the right opportunities to helping you to build a content marketing plan form the ground up. I can get you started with initial topic ideas and help you to understand what will bring people to your site and keep them engaged with your business.

Is your site the best it can be? Good housekeeping can be challenging to manage and often time-consuming. I can provide a fully detailed technical on-page audit.

I'll make sure your site is jumping through all the required hoops that will let it rank as high as possible. You'll have the fasted and best-performing site going, and you'll be able to watch the traffic and new business roll in with immediate results.

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Why you need a SEO strategyΒ 

Many businesses know that they need SEO, but they don’t always understand why it is so important.

Organic search is such a huge part of a business’ web performance. It’s a fundamental part of the customer funnel.

The more relevant people that you can get to the beginning of this funnel, the more business you will generate from your website.

Do you want to know what the best part about SEO is?

It’s forever. Well relatively. If you want to take part in a PPC campaign, then you can spend multiple Β£000’s to get your site to the top of a relevant keyword.Β 

SEO can do this organically, and if you do it right, you’ll stay there every day, generating new traffic and new leads for your business.Β 

SEO has implications at every point in the buying cycle – no matter what your business is there’s an incredibly high chance that boosting how your site appears in search engines will have a positive effect on your bottom line.Β 

Google is continually changing, and it can be challenging to keep up to date with these changes. SEO is time-consuming and requires the right balance of technical knowledge, creativity, data management, and outreach skills to be successful.Β 

That’s where I help. Whatever your current level of expertise, I’ll help you build an SEO strategy that allows you to achieve your goals.Β 

There’s no better ROI than investing in SEO. So get started today.

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About me

My name is James, and I'm your friendly local SEO consultant. I have extensive experience in growing organic traffic across several different verticals. I'm based in London, that's in the UK, but I have worked across the globe to get results in different regions and across territories.

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