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Tips for Small Business SEO

Search engines are continuously rolling out updates and changing the rules. As a small business owner you’ll no doubt find this very frustrating as you don’t always have sufficient time and resources to stay updated in such a confusing and fast paced industry. Here are some tips to help you sustain high performing, organic search rankings.

The starting point of any website design and optimisation involves site structure, optimising title tags, and increasing load speed. These are elements that are definitely scrutinised by the algorithms of search engines. But the key is to make some strong, early decisions then keep moving forward to stay up to speed with the other essential SEO methods, tools and updates. Make sure the content of your website encourages users to stick around, have a read and get some really useful information about your products and services; make it clear what makes you stand out from the rest! By doing this, small business webmasters are offering something of genuine value to their target market. Low quality content will leave a bad footprint on your site for both users and bots.

Website owners should be aware that most of the search engine rankings are a result of backlinks. But don’t think your answers lie in simply buying backlinks; this is a risky approach and is considered a black hat SEO technique which could certainly penalise you in the long run. Earn quality backlinks by marketing your content effectively. Content containing worthwhile information, perhaps even a little controversy, light humour or gentle political debate will generate a stir among readers. Interesting information quickly becomes shared online which is definitely good for search engine optimisation purposes, enhancing your brand and website’s visibility, while earning you more backlinks.

As a small business, be aware of the profile of your backlinks. Not having proper brand anchors and not mentioning brand names clearly results in lower rankings for your site. Encourage marketing of your brand’s media releases and ensure blogs and forums discuss your products by brand name; these are good footprints for a small business. Use link baiting on your site to develop an onsite community. With bold headlines, visuals, resource tools and easy to share links you’ll create a positive end-user experience, and encourage organic, natural backlinks to help improve your rankings.

In the SEO industry, automation is not praised if used simply for quick wins. In fact, automation will lead to a poor end user experience and your website will potentially be black-marked. If you want to see an increase in website rankings for your small business, then stick to this simple advice. Consistently review the work of your SEO consultant and closely monitor reports produced to observe whether the company’s website is moving up the search rankings. You can’t expect big changes in a short period of time but by adopting quality techniques you should see the trend of progress steadily improve for long lasting results.

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I’m an SEO consultant and a web developer. I’m extremely passionate about search engine optimisation, web development and social media marketing. With more than 8 years experience in the internet industry, I have dealt with a range of various exciting clients from all over the world. My key strength is developing clean, semantic and cross-browser compatible websites utilising latest trends and technologies by following Google webmaster guidelines to construct them search engine friendly.

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