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SEO for Smartphones

Smartphones have managed to gain a massive amount of popularity within the past few years. The success of mobile operating systems such as iOS for iPhones and Android have allowed people to get their hands on various mobile handheld devices and to use them for purposes that are a bit beyond making phone calls. For instance, apart from taking photographs and listening to music, smartphones and tablets are often used by their owners to access the internet as well.

SEO for smartphonesWhy is this relevant for SEO? Well, more and more people have resorted to carry around tablets and smartphones instead of lugging their laptops around. In fact, there is a high possibility that the numbers of people who are using mobile devices to access the internet are may exceed that of those who access the internet via computers. Some website owners have gone as far to create separate mobile versions of their existing sites. Although this is actually a great way to make sure that your mobile users are not inconvenienced in any way, it is not necessarily a top requirement for SEO.

This is mainly due to the fact that mobile websites do not get any special treatment from search engines. For Google, Yahoo and Bing, it doesn’t really matter how people search for things. Whether they use mobile devices or regular computers, it really doesn’t matter. Of course, when it comes to marketing, making sure that the website is accessible from all devices is important. However, it could complicate matters if you don’t stick to the right methods.

For instance, it not a very bright idea to create a mobile site with a domain that is independent of your regular site. If you have already gone ahead and done it, you can remedy it by setting up a 301 redirect so that it can be viewed at a domain that is attached to the parent site. It is also a good idea to specify your location when setting up a mobile site. Since search engines like to assume that your viewers are searching for local sites, specifying your location can actually make some business from local clients.

As of now, there is no great rush to create mobile friendly websites. However, creating one now will be of great advantage when mobile users start to outnumber the regular PC users.

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Hannah Reed is an experienced copywriter who combines her lust for new information, with her creative flair to write inspiring content and blogs. The internet is her playground and workplace, giving her the freedom to indulge her passion for travel with writing and the web.

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