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Pros of Search Engine Optimization Manual Directory Submission

Directory submission is the submission of a website, or a webpage, to an online directory. Examples of popular online directories are Google directory and the yellow pages. Directory submissions are made to improve the website’s or the webpage’s visibility. This is important because from the laws of probability, it follows that the greater the visibility, the greater your chances of getting clients or customers. The more you submit to online directories, the greater the visibility.

You can do SEO manual submission or automatic submission. Each option has pros and cons, but the manual option has more pros.

Manual Directory Submission

With manual directory submission, you visit every directory you are interested in and submit the website or service manually. This is usually done several times for the best effect – there is no penalty for this. The greatest advantage of manual directory submission is that the quality of the submission will be better. This is because you get to decide on where to submit and on how many submissions to make.

The fact that you get to choose where you want to submit is advantageous in that you can target a niche market. This way, you will not waste your time and effort on people who will not make a purchase. Another advantage is that the chances of rejection are lower. The high quality of submissions means you are more likely to be indexed. This has the direct effect of bringing more visitors to your website.

Automatic Directory Submission

Automatic directory submission just gives you quantity, but quality is more important in directory submissions. Automatic directory submission saves you time and effort, but this argument is countered by the fact that you can get professionals to do the manual submission for you if you do not have the time. It is not easy to come across reliable automatic directory submission software. This means there is a risk of problems such as some important directories being skipped.

Go for quality rather than quantity – go for manual directory submission.

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