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Permanent elimination of “Change Location” feature by Google

There has been much debate from Google about this feature and there have been many instances where they have removed the feature and put it back and removed it once again. Recently, Google officially announced the permanent elimination of the “change location” feature on its search engine. According to a spokesperson from Google, the use of this feature was not too great; hence they wish to focus on more important features.

Many digital marketers used this tool to search for queries imagining they were in another location. For instance, a marketer working for a high ranking soft drink company wanted to see what was the most popular soft drink in Los Angeles, while being located in New York, this feature would be highly useful. With the removal of this feature, using a different country’s domain extension also wouldn’t help.

In trying to figure out why Google made this change, assumptions are that it had something to do with laws in Europe. It would be so simple if anyone could simply change their location and make a search. Search marketers are going to be highly affected by this change since they used this feature more than the average search user.

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