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Penguin Pandemonium: The After Effects of Google’s Most Talked About Update

By now, everyone in the SEO world has had plenty of time to experience the effects of Google’s Penguin update. While a rare group of careful SEO practitioners have managed to actually jump up the rankings, others are still trying to figure out how to repair the damage.

Matt Cutts is at the receiving end of the majority of the outrage, but also some of the praise, in relation to this controversial update. Reportedly, Cutts has said that the update was a success from their standpoint. Of course, this is Google’s opinion. Some website owners have claimed to have witnessed strange rankings right after the update was introduced. For instance, there were some who claimed to have had abrupt drops even though they were not using any spamming techniques. We’ve seen a few cases where we might want to investigate more, but this change hasn’t had the same impact as Panda or Florida. Matt Cutts stated, in response to these claims in an interview with Search Engine Land.
However, despite Google’s best methods, spam still gets through. While the majority of sites that have dropped have had some sort of involvement with spamming and low quality link building, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have all fallen. Some spammers are still thriving on the rankings while better sites are struggling to recover. No algorithm is perfect. While we’d like to achieve perfection, our litmus test is, ‘Do things get better than before?. In other words, Google’s Penguin is not 100% perfect but it has proven to be quite precise.

However, all hope is not lost for those who have been hit. Before Penguin, sites that were marked as spammers had to clear their names by sending a reconsideration request to Google. Now, post-Penguin, you have to wait it out until things clear up naturally once you have removed the spam and adopted good SEO practices. Of course, you don’t have to do it all alone; Matt Cutts has offered two videos on how to pull your websites away from Penguin’s wrath and help set things straight.


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