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How Rich Snippets Help with SEO

Search engines enhance search results by showing a content summary of your webpage beneath the search result. The more information that these search result snippets provide, the more likely it is that your webpage will be visited by genuine leads. Therefore, the backbone of great SEO is to have great content. It’s not only potential consumers that should appreciate great content but search engines should appreciate it too. Text based content is often illegible by search engines; they can just match search queries to it. Rich snippets are used to make website content legible for humans as well as for search engines. Humans can understand most words at first glance and there are different levels of meaning that they understand which search engine technologies are unable to. Basically, rich snippets are results from searches that display extra information in addition to the regular listings and they help extract meanings of words in a way that search engines can understand.

Whether your webpage consists of reviews, recipes or ratings, rich snippets will enhance the presentation of any type of website within search results. You are bound to get more clicks on your page if you have included rich snippets, compared to those sites that have not made use of the tool. A code used on ‘found’ web pages is the basis to create rich snippets. Even though there are quite a few usable formats for rich snippets, search engines prefer ‘micro data’. Furthermore, the technique used to create rich snippets allows search engines to match your pages in a better way with the keywords of a search. Applying this technique correctly can be quite tricky so make use of the free software available on the web that will help you create quality, rich snippets for your web pages.

With this software all you have to do is select a snippet type and enter information such as name, URL, description, brand, price and so on. Once this is done, you just have to copy the given code to your website and the procedure is complete. Rich snippets are just a small pre-requisite to the introduction of more advanced techniques; for example, querying search engines for products sold within a certain price range.  The success of rich snippets depends on website administrators adopting this feature and search engines leveraging the data for the benefit of site owners and consumers alike.

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