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Google Analytics and its role in Search Engine Optimisation

In simple terms, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the science of your website ranking high on search engines, for your targeted keywords. But how can we monitor the traffic coming into the website and what’s right and wrong with your website?a paid Pro version also available. A Google Analytics account has become a must-have for all companies that have websites. Once you create the account, and embed the code in your website pages, you can track and learn visitor behaviour patterns and change your website and keywords accordingly.

google-analyticsThe Basic Analytics version today, like many tools, has undergone multiple changes and enhancements over the years. You can track the number of visits to your website daily, their geographical location, the browser they used, together with the landing pages and the popular keywords.

Using this information, a search engine optimisation specialist will be able to generate the proper reports from Google Analytics and correlate the data with the information on your website for maximum effectiveness. For example, if you ran a special promotion in the last week of July, and you see a huge spike in your traffic during that period, then you can be confident that your promotion was a significant factor that influenced the increased activity.

Additionally, Google Analytics allows you to track referral traffic. This is the traffic that is generated from your social media sites. This again is a new feature and an indication of the importance of social media in the overall search engine optimisation of your website.

The latest update of Google Analytics now allows you to place your advertisements based on customer interest in your products and services. This service is called remarketing. Furthermore, with another feature called content experiments, you can use different versions of your page and track how visitors respond to them. All these tools are part of Google Analytics and can be used to enhance the SEO of your web presence. So talk to your SEO expert today and find out how you can optimise your content for maximum ROI.

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