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Category Archives: Web Design

Checklist Before Launch of Website

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In the excitement to take your website live, there are a number of things you may have forgotten. Read through the list below and make sure you have completed these final touches before you launch your website.   A favicon to mark the window where your website has been opened on the user’s screen. This Continue Reading

Making Responsive Websites SEO Friendly

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A couple of years ago, the demand for responsive websites suddenly increased and many companies began transforming their websites into responsive ones. However, while that was being focused on, companies did not realise that although their websites are now responsive, they are not very SEO friendly. There are some common errors that responsive websites face Continue Reading

Is a Responsive Website Design an Advantage for Page Ranking?

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Recently Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Spam, was asked “Does a site leveraging responsive design “lose” any SEO benefit compared to a more traditional m. site?” The Google spam guru responded saying “In general, I wouldn’t worry about a site that uses responsive design losing SEO benefit because, by definition, you get the same URL.” Continue Reading

Google: No Special Ranking Boost for Responsive Websites

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Recently Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, said that websites with a responsive design do not receive any ranking boost. Previously Google has highly recommended responsive websites as the way to go when it comes to going mobile. But other than the fact that it will give a smooth and satisfying user experience, it does Continue Reading

Redesigning a website without losing its SEO

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Almost every website gets redesigned at least once within their online presence. It can be due to many reasons, including rebranding of a company, changes in the technology or aesthetics, improve user experience, etc. Although redesigning a website is an exciting process, most web designers seem to only focus on the visual redesign. Unfortunately, this Continue Reading