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Category Archives: Social media

What should be the ingredients for your SEO pie for 2014?

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While many websites are still recovering from the Google Hummingbird release and Penguin 2.1 update, we’re also starting out on an adventure of a brand new year. So far we know that high quality content, authority and keyword relevance play a significant role in link relevance. But how should you get ready for the year Continue Reading

How to Gain Reliable Website Traffic through Social Media

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Does your website still suffer from the aftermaths of Google Hummingbird update? You do not really have to totally dependent on Google for high website traffic. In fact you can have much more reliable traffic if you build a faithful fan base for your website. Once your website gains the recognition from your fans, your Continue Reading

Importance of implementing Open Graph Protocol to your website

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Open Graph Protocol is a very important part of web designing nowadays. Especially in the social media network that is getting popular around the globe, day by day. The main task of this Open Graph Protocol is to allow any webpage on the internet to turn into a very rich object in the social networking Continue Reading

Are We Looking at SEO Correlation From the Wrong Angle?

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We often come across analysis of the factors that can have an impact on SEO rankings in Google. These studies can be useful if they are carefully interpreted and the tactics implemented for the benefit of better website rankings. But when these reports are released they can cause quite a stir and people start to Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why Duplicate Content is Bad for SEO

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In the SEO world duplicate content has become one of the top concerns. Publishing same content on different URLs may dilute the quality and the ranking of a website. Having the same content on multiple websites causes difficulties for search engines to select the most relevant content for a given query. Duplicate content can negatively Continue Reading