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Category Archives: Social media

How to create trending topics to boost your business on social media

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Business promotion on social media platforms have come a long way and takes interesting methods to do so. Some well established and unique business owners have started using trending topics such as the “Royal Baby Watch” to promote their relevant businesses on social media platforms. Presently, the use of trending topics has become quite a Continue Reading

What you need to know about social media

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If you are looking for a constantly changing world, social media marketing is it! Not only does it have extremely regular updates and added features but it rolls out new networks also very so often! For those who are still trying to figure out how social media marketing could benefit your business, here are a Continue Reading

Visual social branding

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Marketing has evolved into more of a visual concept and the latest social networks on the Internet are focusing mainly on visuals. The process of marketers adapting to the visual atmosphere on social networks is known as visual social branding. Your posts, profile picture, cover photos should have great visuals to allow the human brain Continue Reading

Writing Articles Designed For Linkedin Platform

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According to a survey, LinkedIn sends four times more visitors to your website as compared to other social networks. It may not be the best at sharing your stories amongst social networks but in terms of directing traffic to your website, it excels. Here are a few tips that you should consider when writing articles Continue Reading

What should be the ingredients for your SEO pie for 2014?

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While many websites are still recovering from the Google Hummingbird release and Penguin 2.1 update, we’re also starting out on an adventure of a brand new year. So far we know that high quality content, authority and keyword relevance play a significant role in link relevance. But how should you get ready for the year Continue Reading