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Category Archives: Social media

Social skills every link building team should own

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Many industries rely heavily on emails for link building. Therefore, although you may see an opportunity to grab a link anywhere, the real works occur in what an email has to say before the write signs off at the bottom. We discuss some essential social skills and sciences that every outreacher should possess if they Continue Reading

Excluding Facebook and Twitter, where else can you share your blog post?

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One of the most influential marketing tools today; blog posts have taken the Internet by storm. However, simply writing and publishing your blog post isn’t enough. You have to promote it too. If you are a blogger, naturally, your first step would be would be to share the content on Twitter and Facebook. What is Continue Reading

Ways to incorporate SEO and social media to protect your online reputation

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When a person searches for your brand, business or personal name online, what they should normally find is your website, blog and the rest of the social media profiles that you have. However, for most of the businesses out there, what ranks on top of the search result are always complaints, bad reviews and a Continue Reading

How to create trending topics to boost your business on social media

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Business promotion on social media platforms have come a long way and takes interesting methods to do so. Some well established and unique business owners have started using trending topics such as the “Royal Baby Watch” to promote their relevant businesses on social media platforms. Presently, the use of trending topics has become quite a Continue Reading

What you need to know about social media

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If you are looking for a constantly changing world, social media marketing is it! Not only does it have extremely regular updates and added features but it rolls out new networks also very so often! For those who are still trying to figure out how social media marketing could benefit your business, here are a Continue Reading