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Category Archives: Search Engines

Permanent elimination of “Change Location” feature by Google

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There has been much debate from Google about this feature and there have been many instances where they have removed the feature and put it back and removed it once again. Recently, Google officially announced the permanent elimination of the “change location” feature on its search engine. According to a spokesperson from Google, the use Continue Reading

GoogleBot follows up to five redirects at a time says John Mueller

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When you change the URL of a webpage it is recommended to use a 301 redirect to the new page. Then the search engines replace the new page removing the old one and also will preserve the search engine rankings for that page. But how many redirects does GoogleBot follow? This had been a head Continue Reading

Google Provides More Options for In-Depth Articles

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Doing a Google search is the easiest and quickest way to get knowledge and information. But most of the time the information you get from a Google search is only scratching the surface and it may not be enough. When you want to get right to the bottom of a certain topic you can use Continue Reading

Yahoo Search Tests Web and Image Results in a Single View

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Yahoo is currently testing a new interface which provides more inclusive web search results incorporating images pertaining to the input search criteria. Within this new search interface, the displayed web results will be accompanied by relevant image results on the right hand side of the page. This is a very interesting enhancement from the once Continue Reading

Google Celebrates 15th Anniversary with a Major Change to Their Search Algorithm

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Google have just announced that last month they made a significant change to their search technology; their first major upgrade in three years. The update, codenamed “Hummingbird”, is understood to have affected about 90% of internet searches around the world. On 26th September, the day before Google’s 15th birthday, Google’s Senior VP, Amit Singhal revealed Continue Reading