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Category Archives: Research

A 2014 Recap of SEO

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Every industry goes through changes every year. It certainly is amazing how websites are continuously adopting themselves to algorithm changes provided by search engines. For the past three years, there have been 83 major algorithm changes, which means that SEO has had to change tactics 83 times to continue maintaining their rankings on search engine Continue Reading

Penguin algorithm: Success or Failure?

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From its launch in 2012, it regularly kept updating itself until the most recent Penguin 3.0 launch. However, SEOs probably have a strong opinion about this but it is unclear whether majority opinion goes in a positive or negative way. Plus points The consistent pressure on webmasters is to produce quality content in return for Continue Reading

Clever tricks for keyword research

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Inspired from a recent seminar conducted by Larry Kim and Will Critchlow, we are going to discuss three quick tips. These clever tricks will give you a big lead in your next keyword research session if you are looking to achieve something more than just dumping a basic term into a keyword tool. You have Continue Reading