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Category Archives: OnPage Optimisation

How to update your website while keeping your SEO intact

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Many a times an SEO officer is in a fix when the client suddenly decides to redesign the website and that too without any advance notice. The first thing that comes to mind is ‘what will happen to my SEO efforts’? This article goes through an SEO checklist with things often forgotten when a website Continue Reading

Duplicate content isn’t bad if you add more value to it

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Have you ever wondered if you would get penalised for duplicate content if you were to copy a phrase to your blog or website from an excerpt you found online? Recently Matt Cutts commented on this and gave a very comprehensive answer. Internet is a space where we share content, therefore people quote what they Continue Reading

No more Google organic keywords. How bad is it?

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“Google moves entirely to secure search” was the latest news delivered by Google. Basically this means that there will be no more organic keywords from Google in your web analytic system. This is obviously some news where lots of SEO professionals have been dreading. So what happens next? Can we move on without organic keywords? Continue Reading

Redesigning a website without losing its SEO

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Almost every website gets redesigned at least once within their online presence. It can be due to many reasons, including rebranding of a company, changes in the technology or aesthetics, improve user experience, etc. Although redesigning a website is an exciting process, most web designers seem to only focus on the visual redesign. Unfortunately, this Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why Duplicate Content is Bad for SEO

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In the SEO world duplicate content has become one of the top concerns. Publishing same content on different URLs may dilute the quality and the ranking of a website. Having the same content on multiple websites causes difficulties for search engines to select the most relevant content for a given query. Duplicate content can negatively Continue Reading