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Category Archives: Online Markerting

Experts provide unique SEM tips

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Search engine management (SEM) is a massive field with several perspectives to it. It is a fact that the main function of both search engine managers as well as search engines are always experiencing changes. SEM leaders who have successfully influenced the industry provide some expert tips with regard to SEM. Neil Patel on scheme Continue Reading

Why B2B PPC failed in 2014

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Managing PPC in the business-to-business sector is not as easy as it is in the retail sector. PPC managers are often faced with unique and interesting products and services which need to be advertised very creatively in order to get the item to be sold. Below are three scenarios that were unsuccessful with PPC campaigns. Continue Reading

3 Tips for a creative online campaign

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In the last few years the landscape of SEO has totally changed. Now you need a whole set of new skills to thrive in online marketing and digital marketing. It is almost difficult to survive without the skills such as classic marketing, PR and creativity. Those who do not have these skills won’t be able Continue Reading

6 Steps to plan an effective online marketing strategy

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When it comes to online marketing there are new trends coming in and the marketers do not want to be left behind. It is great if you can carry out all the cutting edge techniques for your marketing campaigns. But the reality is you do not have the time or the money to invest in Continue Reading

How to build an online reputation?

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There is no way you can control every single post people make about you on the Internet. What you can do is control what shows up first. This is the 21st century and everyone has access to the internet, so it is really important to build an online reputation. It can also be called as Continue Reading