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Category Archives: Google

Penguin algorithm: Success or Failure?

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From its launch in 2012, it regularly kept updating itself until the most recent Penguin 3.0 launch. However, SEOs probably have a strong opinion about this but it is unclear whether majority opinion goes in a positive or negative way. Plus points The consistent pressure on webmasters is to produce quality content in return for Continue Reading

Creating Adwords Remarketing Campaigns For Videos

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Video content is now reducing in terms of popularity. Everywhere we go on the web, video’s cross our paths and are becoming more of a commonplace than an attraction. Therefore, instead of producing an expensive brand awareness video, it is better to create a short remarketing video. This is a great technique to make your Continue Reading

Using HTTPS As A Ranking Signal

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Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), in simple words, it is just a more secure version of HTTP. E-commerce sites are one’s to adapt to this secure protocol since a long time. If you go to your bank’s website and notice a padlock icon on the address bar of your browser, you are rest assured Continue Reading

Improve PPC advertising through Ad words

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There are many business owners who have been the victims of unsuccessful Adwords pay-per-click marketing and have given up due to drained out budgets and no visible returns. Although it is fun to think you will see high quality traffic landing on your website as a result of a paid search campaign, it is easier Continue Reading

Googles Keyword Planner, A Must for Every Content Marketer

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We all know that Google does not reveal the keywords that may direct traffic to a particular site from a search query anymore. But fortunately Keyword Planner which is one of the latest elements of Google AdWords fills that void. You can use it to get a pretty good insight into the keywords that are Continue Reading