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Category Archives: Google

Permanent elimination of “Change Location” feature by Google

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There has been much debate from Google about this feature and there have been many instances where they have removed the feature and put it back and removed it once again. Recently, Google officially announced the permanent elimination of the “change location” feature on its search engine. According to a spokesperson from Google, the use Continue Reading

The surprising anatomy of Google Panda 4.2 Update

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The 4.2 update of Google Panda was launched on 18th July 2015 and the release was extremely slow. However, according to the assumption of many, the 4.2 Panda update either reversed or saw a significant change about a month after its release. Experts say they were aware that the release of this update would occur Continue Reading

An insight to the penguin algorithm

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Many websites complain that they were penalized by the Penguin algorithm even though they recently carried out a link clean up. However, due to the infrequency of the updates of this algorithm, the benefits of link clean ups may take a long time to register. Let’s understand this concept by first looking at the history Continue Reading

The penguin penalty myth

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Let’s make one thing clear. Penguin is not a Penalty but an algorithm. You have to understand the difference between triggering an algorithm vs. having your website impacted by a manual penalty. There is always a great deal of confusion when it comes to “Penguin” while some of the conclusions drawn by people to get Continue Reading

The effects of Google Pigeon update

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In July 2014, Google revamped its local search algorithm, which was named Google Pigeon. This algorithm brought in a significant change in the way local search queries for Google Search and Google Maps was ranked. The local search results are now more useful, accurate and relevant. Additionally, the algorithms change has made location and distance Continue Reading