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Category Archives: Google plus

Is Google+ dying or growing? Either way it will not effect Google’s search results

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Recently there are a lot of rumours looming on the internet purporting that Google+ is dead. The resignation of Vic Gundotra  who was behind the Google plus project was the main reason that fuelled those assumptions. In response Google+ Community Manager  Moritz Tolxdorff retaliated saying “No one is moving anywhere. Everything will stay as it Continue Reading

How does Google+ affect SEO?

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It has been more than a year since the Internet search engine giant Google launched its multilingual social networking service, Google+ (Google Plus, G+), in June 28, 2011. Many people were very interested in the idea of a new service, powered by the large amount of user interaction data in Google’s databases, which would bring Continue Reading

Google+ Local: The New Google Places

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Google is always in the headlines. This time it’s not about an algorithm update that sent shockwaves through the SEO community but Google’s latest decision to integrate Google Places into its social network, Google+. Google Places was a great way for companies to access local searches. With millions of companies already signed into the service, Continue Reading