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Permanent elimination of “Change Location” feature by Google

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There has been much debate from Google about this feature and there have been many instances where they have removed the feature and put it back and removed it once again. Recently, Google officially announced the permanent elimination of the “change location” feature on its search engine. According to a spokesperson from Google, the use Continue Reading

Smart strategies for identifying and controlling fresh links

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The growth of URLs can be unruly. This statement can be best proved if you observe enterprise level websites. Links pop up from all over, even if your content is great. And when many users are attacking one link, its value does not remain. Almost every site experiences these issues. You may not notice useful Continue Reading

Social skills every link building team should own

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Many industries rely heavily on emails for link building. Therefore, although you may see an opportunity to grab a link anywhere, the real works occur in what an email has to say before the write signs off at the bottom. We discuss some essential social skills and sciences that every outreacher should possess if they Continue Reading

What no one tells you about TODAY’s “guest blogging”

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Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of changes in the landscape of guest blogging and there is much debate about its value and purpose. Let us discuss the purpose of guest posting and how valuable it can be for writers and publishers. More often than not, guest blogging is always Continue Reading

Epic formula for successful relationship based link building

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Why personal link building is important? The links that Google believes are of good quality are those that are shared by an actual person. Therefore, when trying to get hold of real, high quality links, remember that there should be a person behind each of those links. When you create great content and ask someone Continue Reading