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Why is it important to optimise your website for mobile

With the latest Google updates round the corner, chances are that if your website is not optimised for mobile, you will lose your potential customers and sales leads. According to research, there are over 50 percent of mobile users who will abandon a website if it takes more than 3-5 seconds to load and about Continue Reading

Writing Articles Designed For Linkedin Platform

According to a survey, LinkedIn sends four times more visitors to your website as compared to other social networks. It may not be the best at sharing your stories amongst social networks but in terms of directing traffic to your website, it excels. Here are a few tips that you should consider when writing articles Continue Reading

Creating Adwords Remarketing Campaigns For Videos

Video content is now reducing in terms of popularity. Everywhere we go on the web, video‚Äôs cross our paths and are becoming more of a commonplace than an attraction. Therefore, instead of producing an expensive brand awareness video, it is better to create a short remarketing video. This is a great technique to make your Continue Reading

6 Ways to promote your blog and boost the traffic

Recently content marketing has become the buzzword among the marketers around the world. And they do not hesitate to pay good money to hire top notch copywriters to create high quality content. But your content will be useless if it is not seen by your targeted audience. Social media is one way to drive traffic Continue Reading

Improve PPC advertising through Ad words

There are many business owners who have been the victims of unsuccessful Adwords pay-per-click marketing and have given up due to drained out budgets and no visible returns. Although it is fun to think you will see high quality traffic landing on your website as a result of a paid search campaign, it is easier Continue Reading