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About: Jennifer Spencer

My life at the moment is pretty average at the moment. When I’m not running for classes and cramming for tests at the University, I like to do all the things that any other 20 year old girl would like to do. My perfect day would start warm and sunny with plenty of shopping, a couple of good books and a great party with my friend to finish off the day.

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Tips to increase your number of email subscribers

When it comes to marketing, your Email list plays an important role. Billions of people from around the world have an email account which they use for official, personal and even just to log in to social media. Therefore it definitely makes sense to increase the number of email contacts on a regular basis which Continue Reading

Using HTTPS As A Ranking Signal

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), in simple words, it is just a more secure version of HTTP. E-commerce sites are one’s to adapt to this secure protocol since a long time. If you go to your bank’s website and notice a padlock icon on the address bar of your browser, you are rest assured Continue Reading

Fix what’s missing in your Facebook campaign

Most of you have probably heard about how Facebook plays a big role in the future of internet advertising. If you look around, you probably see how everyone else’s ads are generating turnover while yours sits there silently in a side ignored by visitors. Not only are your ads going unnoticed but people are navigating Continue Reading

3 Tips for a creative online campaign

In the last few years the landscape of SEO has totally changed. Now you need a whole set of new skills to thrive in online marketing and digital marketing. It is almost difficult to survive without the skills such as classic marketing, PR and creativity. Those who do not have these skills won’t be able Continue Reading

Google is Going to Make it Easier to Link Google AdWords and Google Analytics

Recently Google announced that they are going to link Google Adwords and Google Analytics to make it easier for advertisers to get insights of brands. The SEOs are quite thrilled about this news. It’s a feature most of them have been praying for as it can make their lives so much easier. With the new Continue Reading