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About: Ash

I’m an SEO consultant and a web developer. I’m extremely passionate about search engine optimisation, web development and social media marketing. With more than 8 years experience in the internet industry, I have dealt with a range of various exciting clients from all over the world. My key strength is developing clean, semantic and cross-browser compatible websites utilising latest trends and technologies by following Google webmaster guidelines to construct them search engine friendly.

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Epic formula for successful relationship based link building

Why personal link building is important? The links that Google believes are of good quality are those that are shared by an actual person. Therefore, when trying to get hold of real, high quality links, remember that there should be a person behind each of those links. When you create great content and ask someone Continue Reading

An insight to the penguin algorithm

Many websites complain that they were penalized by the Penguin algorithm even though they recently carried out a link clean up. However, due to the infrequency of the updates of this algorithm, the benefits of link clean ups may take a long time to register. Let’s understand this concept by first looking at the history Continue Reading

Write SEO friendly content

The Marketing world and all aspects related to it have always been tricky and have indeed taken you on a roller coaster ride. With unforeseen changes that are quite exhilarating, marketing as a whole can be quite daunting for someone new to the market. Since there are many loops that one can expect in the Continue Reading

The penguin penalty myth

Let’s make one thing clear. Penguin is not a Penalty but an algorithm. You have to understand the difference between triggering an algorithm vs. having your website impacted by a manual penalty. There is always a great deal of confusion when it comes to “Penguin” while some of the conclusions drawn by people to get Continue Reading

The evolution of the keyword strategy

When talking about SEO, we can see a change of tactics and strategies over the years. I think most of you would agree with the fact that SEO tactics are not as easy as they used to be. Digging deep, we can see that the keyword strategy has changed drastically. There are a few common Continue Reading